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Heitor de Andrade Neto

Heitor de Andrade Neto, co-founder of the Brazilian Ecosystems: The Protection and Management of Biodiversity program of Antioch University, died Monday, May 10, in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil. He was a life-long friend to anyone he met.

Since 1988, Heitor was instrumental in the coordination of AEA’s program in Brazil and facilitated the exchange relations between Antioch and Universidade Federal do Paraná. Nearly 300 U.S. students and 70 Brazilian students benefited from these programs. In addition, Heitor was retired from his position as a professor at Universidade Federal do Paraná. Students, faculty and colleagues describe him as sweet, kind and generous. Heitor had a love for the U.S. and a passion for cross-cultural exchange. His door was always open to current, as well as former, Brazilian Ecosystems program participants.

He is survived by his wife, Lilian, three children, and many friends and family in Brazil and the U.S.

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