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Villager Matt Cole creates jewelry from bowling balls. His original work can be found online at

Bowling balls inspire local jewelry

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New village resident Matt Cole uses an original material for his hand-crafted jewelry: bowing balls. An avid bowler, Cole has for the past several years designed earrings, bracelets and pendants from the richly colored outer layer of the balls.

His jewelry can be found online at his Web site. At this time, it is not available at local stores.

A bowler since age 6, Cole has for years thought that bowling balls might make excellent jewelry, he said in a recent interview. He decided to try out his idea several years ago when the price of precious metals spiked, and he sought a new material for his original designs. He spent a year teaching himself to cut apart the balls and shape the material into gem-like forms, and then began producing his bowling ball creations.

Cole and his family moved to Yellow Springs in April after having spent the past 13 years overseas, first in Taiwan and then in Bali.

For a more detailed story on Cole and his bowling ball jewelry, see the Dec. 1 Yellow Springs News.



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Bowling balls inspire local jewelry

by Diane Chiddister