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Pamela Kaelin

Pamela Kaelin

Pamela Kaelin

On March 15, sister, friend and Stefany’s grandmother Pamela “Kooki” Kaelin died, leaving behind her loved ones to be with her son, Miguel. Her friends and family say of her: “She sure made some noise on this earth.”



2 Responses to “Pamela Kaelin”

  1. Scott Osterholm says:

    See you again Kooki. You are in a far better place then you were. Glad you and Miguel are back together. Love you, miss you, and my prayers are with your family.

  2. Linn Bobo says:

    I will miss her sense of humor and friendship…she will forever live on in my thoughts. My heart goes out to Stefany and all her family and friends. Linn Bobo

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