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  • Walk on water

    Forty-four second-graders walked 3.7 miles over two days to simulate the average walk that many women and children in developing countries must make on a daily basis to get water for everyday needs. (Photo by Robert Hasek)

    As part of their spring PBL, Mills Lawn School second-graders are studying water. They walked 3.7 miles over two days to simulate the average walk many must make around the world on a daily basis to get water.

  • Rollerball

    Above, from left, Nick Meister, Tyee Meeks and Ayla Arnold play soccer in sports wheelchairs brought over to the school from the Wright State Office of Recreation. (Photo by Robert Hasek)

    Mills Lawn Elementary fourth-grade students participated in the “Wheelchair Experience,” a project-based learning curriculum designed to help students understand accessibility issues.

  • A taste of winter

    At least three inches of snow fell in the area Tuesday, Dec. 13, causing the first winter havoc.

  • Glen Helen’s first real snowfall of the year

    Hanging around, chillin’: A late morning journey out into winter’s finest finds the cascades in Glen Helen bejeweled with icicles underneath the limestone cliff overhangs. The water still roared in the background, diffused by snow squalls, casting an almost timeless, prehistoric atmosphere over the entire scene. (Photos by Robert Hasek)

    The landscape of the Glen takes on fantastic forms in the Village’s first real snowfall.

  • Feature photo: The blues and all that jazz

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