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On Friday, May 19, New Orleans-based jazz emsemble Soul Rebels led a second line commemorative parade throughout Yellow Springs in honor of the late Marco Comegys. (Photo by Reilly Dixon)

Marco Day, Ohio

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In honor of beloved community member Marco “De Ohio” Comegys, who died unexpectedly on April 21, a day-long celebration was staged throughout the village on Friday, May 19.

In the early afternoon, hundreds of villagers, family members and friends from all over the world turned out for a memorial service in the South Gym at the Wellness Center.

From there, New Orleans-based Soul Rebels led an upbeat musical parade through the streets of downtown Yellow Springs. The procession, traditionally known as a “second line,” gave those mourning Comegys a jubilant respite. Clad in Mardi Gras colors, frilly boas and polychromatic parasols, hundreds of marchers strutted their stuff behind the jazzy brass ensemble.

It was truly Marco Comegys Day — officially so, as decreed by Mayor Pam Conine in a proclamation.

Photos by Matt Minde and Reilly Dixon


3 Responses to “Marco Day, Ohio”

  1. Mitzi says:

    I just heard about Marco. The world just got a bit darker and colder with out him in it. I wish I could have been there to celebrate his life.

  2. Christopher Joseph says:

    This celebration was extremely fitting for an exceptional human. I believe he heard us from the heavens shouting to the sky ‘Marco!!!’ Thanks to everyone who brought this jubilee together!

  3. Robert “Rob-E-Fresh Deacon” Tillman says:

    It was so nice to find out that there was So Much of Marco in the universe. I in my five plus decades sadly filled with many goodbyes. Will never see a better send off. A better we love you. A better are you now is the time Marco? The hurting mixed with healing felt like only a cocktail Marco could make. Again thank you Jaime, Bob B., Flea and Dave. And a host of people working behind the scenes to bring smiles shared with tears of this celebration.

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