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You can use this form to submit items to the News. Simply select the department you wish to contact from the pull-down menu, fill in the required information, and click “submit.”

For guidelines and policies on accepted content, read Submission Policies and Guidelines.

• To submit a classified ad, please click here.
• To contact individuals or departments, please click here.
• To submit an obituary, please click here.

  • For press releases, Letters to the Editor, In and Around Yellow Springs, and other news items, select the proper item from the menu.
  • If you have an idea or suggestion for a story, please select “Story idea” from the menu.
  • Though it’s advisable to submit your telephone number with all submissions for contact purposes, a telephone number is required for verification purposes when submitting a Letter to the Editor.
  • For more information or assistance, call 937.767.7373.

• To submit a confidential message directly to The Village Pickle, click here.

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