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AJ Warren of Yellow Springs challenges gravity (photo by Aaron Zaremsky)

Rock and Roll

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The bands provided the rock, and the skaters brought the roll. The fourth annual Skate Music Fest was an interesting blend of activities. Flocks of skaters zipped, ollied and kickflipped around the skate park, as a lineup of bands blasted the Bryan Center area with blues, rock and heavy metal music.

The event was open to all ages. Teenagers skated, adults reminisced about Woodstock (maybe), and many small children played in the grassy park area. Bentinos provided pizza for the event. Local bands such as Dr. Meat, The Show and The Hat Trick (including many others) played for everyone present.

The proceeds (about $600) will go towards renovating the skate park and also towards the Yellow Springs Arts Council. The event was part of the Yellow Springs Experience, which features more than 80 cultural and artistic events and runs through July 18. For more information on the Experience, go online to

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