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Pat Craig peers through his telescope at Venus (photo by Aaron Zaremsky)

Keep watching the skies!

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“Get your head out of the clouds!” – How many times have you heard this reprimand? Well Pat Craig would advise just the opposite. He is the chair of education and outreach for the Astronomy Club at Wright State, and his job is to turn your gaze upward. Most people are content to simply stare at the night sky and enjoy the stars’ twinkle. Some, however, must delve deeper.

Armed with a powerful telescope, Pat Craig organized a stargazing event last Friday night in the Golf Course behind the Antioch amphitheater. He aided participants in identifying constellations, planets and locating the Milky Way.

One develops a deeper appreciation for the celestial world when it is brought closer to them. It’s nice enough to see photographs of planets and stars, but to see the rings of Saturn in person with your own eyes is an unparalleled experience not to be missed. If anyone is interested in a future stargazing, Pat Craig will be organizing more events the first or second Friday of each Month. Keep an eye out for the next “Star Party” in the local news.

Visit http://www.wsuastronomy.org for more information on the Wright State Astronomy Club.

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