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Paul F. Ihrig

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Paul F. Ihrig, aged 99 years and 8 months, died Saturday, March 2, at Friends Care Community.

Paul was born July 18, 1913 in Marion, Ind. He was the child of Fred H. and Callista C. Ihrig. Paul had one brother, Henry, and one sister, Barbara. Paul’s father died when he and his siblings were young, so the family moved to Springfield to be near family.

Paul’s first job was delivering the Springfield Sun News. He moved to Yellow Springs in the 1940s after his sister, Barbara, was hired by Ernest Morgan to assist with the development of the Antioch Bookplate, and where Paul met Horace Champney, who had a great influence on Paul. He became employed at Antioch Bookplate for a short period. He moved to radio engineering and worked at WHIO when Don Wayne first began in his career. Paul was fired by WHIO because he refused to play commercials. He loved the Yellow Springs News and, later in life, had a newspaper route in Yellow Springs, carefully delivering the news to homes. Also, he loved WYSO when it finally came on the air, but was deeply disappointed when classical music was removed from the airwaves.

Paul met and married Lou, and out of that marriage, two children were born. His daughter, Beth, was killed in a motor vehicle accident in the 1970s. His son, Glen, Glen’s wife and his grandson, Arlo, reside in California. An ex-daughter-in-law and mother of Arlo, Selwa Whitesell of Yellow Springs, also survives him, as well as many friends in the Yellow Springs community.

Paul was the oldest living member of the Yellow Springs Friends Meeting. He was quite a character in town, and was often found Dumpster-diving, trying to recycle food to give to everyone. He lived with many people in town throughout the years, but most of his time was spent in the Vale community or on the Antioch College campus. He was one of the original members of the south Glen community. He was also a member of the 100 Chew Club: “Chew every spoonful 100 times and you will live to 100.”

Within the past 18 years, Paul lived on Jackson Road with Neal Crandall and Pam Davis and their children. Two days before Hanna Northway died, she summoned the Crandalls to her home to discuss the care and oversight Paul would need and made Pam promise her that Paul would be cared for. Many others assisted in the care of Paul. Much appreciation and thanks to Vicky Deady for her compassion and daily excellent care for Paul so he could remain in a home, the staff at Friends Care and especially the STNAs who work diligently to care for those in Friends.

Paul is the only person to make a negative impact on a landfill. Troubled by the consumption of our culture and the impact on future generations, he lived his life accordingly.

Paul donated his body to Wright State University. Memorial contributions can be made to Friends Care Center or the Yellow Springs Food Pantry. A memorial service is being planned by the Friends Meeting.


One Response to “Paul F. Ihrig”

  1. Eric Appleberry says:

    Paul was about as kind and gentle a person as you could find. My parents, Lynton & Valeska Appleberry (and children) lived adjacent to The Vale and Paul was a fairly frequent and always welcome visitor.

    I remember him fondly.

    Eric/Rik Appleberry

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