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Yellow Springs Public Notices

Housing Needs Assessment — Request for Proposal

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The Village of Yellow Springs (“Village”) seeks assistance to understand the housing needs of the people of Yellow Springs and the surrounding area. The geographic area to be studied will be determined in concert with the contracted firm, but should include general trend information for the Dayton-Springfield metropolitan area and specific trend information for the Yellow Springs area. Specific housing needs and availability within the Yellow Springs area should also be included. Deliverables shall include information on general housing needs and general affordability needs of the study area population.

Packets may be found on our website at or requested via email to the Village Manager, Patti Bates, at The proposal is due no later than 4 P.M. EST on Monday, September 11, 2017 in electronic format to Patti Bates, Village Manager.

Patti Bates, Village Manager


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