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The famed Yellow Spring in Glen Helen Nature Preserve — tucked beneath a cozy blanket of snow. (Photo by Kathleen Galarza)

Spring in winter

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Another beautiful, albeit blustery, winter day in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Continuing its eastward march, Winter Storm Indigo scattered several more inches of snow throughout Yellow Springs and much of the Ohio Valley last night into this morning. Yellow Springs Schools closed today, giving students and teachers a three-day weekend to enjoy the snow and slightly more clement temperature, which has now warmed back into degrees in the double digits. 

In the hours since the late-night snowfall, Village crews have been hard at work clearing and salting the local roads. Despite their efforts, conditions remain somewhat perilous, so take care with any travels today.

But fear not: No snow will stop the News. This week’s issue of the Yellow Springs News will be mailed tomorrow — a day late, owing to Monday’s holiday.


5 Responses to “Spring in winter”

  1. Jean says:

    Yeah, some slight SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)symptoms because of the weather, but feeling better with the temps rising today and this week’s forecast! Yippee! Thank goodness! I don’t like to be indoors for sooooo long but, hey, safety first! Love to All! Thanks for the post.

  2. Happy Feathers says:

    The Indigo Chilren may have got swooped up by Pharmageddon. Always remember, when they ask “do you hear voices” — there is only one correct answer: “I hear YOU; does that count?”

  3. Indigo Guest says:

    The Indigo children were said to talk to spirits. I recall as a young child, very young, walking across a bridge covering an overgrown ravine a few blocks from our house. Very young. Probably less than 7. An unknown man approached and spoke to me. Right away I heard another voice. The voice said: “He is not well. Don’t let him know that you know this. Keep walking. Smile and tell him “No.Thank you.” The young man offered me candy to go beneath that bridge. I was too young to speculate what might happen if I followed his wishes and I certainly liked candy, but something was watching out for me and I will never forget. It was real. Later a detective came to the house and spoke to me about the incident. Spirit guide; guardian angel; (or ADD?) This was the late early 1960s. People didn’t talk about ADD back then, but whatever it was I’m glad I had it and thankful I listened.

  4. New Age Trivia says:

    Where are the Indigo Children today?

    Did they really have ADD? This storm name got me to thinking about them. Anyone else remember all the publicity re: star children heralding the Age of Aquarius? Fascinating.

  5. Jean Jean says:

    I miss taking my daily walks, but I’m not going out in these recent temps we been having! Hopefully, things will warm up a bit soon to all are benefit! Lovely photograph!

    Keep Warm! Best regards.

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