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Harriet O. Hughes

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Harriet O. Hughes

Harriet O. Hughes

Harriet Hughes, 77, of Georgetown, Texas, passed away on Dec. 21, 2020, after a lengthy illness.

She was born in Xenia on Jan. 28, 1944, and lived in several southern states, including Georgia, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas. Harriet was a student and resident at the Ohio Soldier’s and Sailor’s Orphan’s Home, where she graduated from high school. In addition, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in social welfare from Central State University.

Harriet spent a lot of time in the Yellow Springs and Springfield areas, staying with and visiting her many, many relatives from the Cordell family tree. Even though she was opposed to Ohio’s cold weather, she always considered Yellow Springs to be home.

Harriet was preceded in death by her parents, Ethel, of Middletown, and William “Buddy” Hughes, a Yellow Springs native.

She is survived by her sons, Jeremy (JaQuita) and Colin Kirby; sister, Juanita “Libby” Melton; dear cousin, Constance Lee, nine grandchildren; an aunt; a nephew; nieces; and numerous cousins and friends.

Harriet will truly be missed by all who knew her and loved her.


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