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Yellow Springs Public Notices

Ordinances 2021-21; 2021-22 & 2021-23

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— Public Notice —
Ordinances re: Transient Guest lodging & zoning
ORDINANCES 2021-21; 2021-22 & 2021-23
On July 6, 2021, Council will hear first readings of Ordinances 2021-21; 2021-22 and 2021-23.  They will receive a second reading and public hearing for possible passage into law on July 19, 2021.  Each ordinance is summarized below.
• Ordinance 2021-21 Amending Chapter 1262 re: Expiration and Specific Requirements – Transient Guest Lodging.
- 1262.05 – Changing the expiration for a conditional use approval to 24 months, and allowing the Zoning Administrator to extend it for an additional 12 months if no changes to the original plan have changed.
- 1262.08 (e) (7) B. – Planning Commission wanted clear guidelines regarding the location of TGL’s in neighborhoods. The Planning Commission recommends the following language to Council:
 – In no case, can a transient guest lodging be located closer than 500 feet from another transient guest lodging, as measured from closest property line to closest property line.
– 1262.08 (e) (7) C. – Correcting an error as our building official is currently Greene County Building Regulations and not the health department.
– 1262.08 (e) (7) N. – Creates a designated smoking area on the property if the operator allows smoking.
– 1262.08 (e) (7) O. – Commercial insurance required for non-operator occupied transient guest lodgings.
• Ordinance 2021-22 Amending Chapter 1268 re: Expiration:  This legislation changes the expiration for a site plan review approval from 12 to 24 months 
• Ordinance 2021-23 Amending Chapter 1278 re: Decisions of the Board – Board of Zoning Appeals:  This will allow a variance to lapse rather than “expire” after 24 months if, in the case of new construction, no progress is made. Staff is recommending this change as variances are permanent and do not “expire.”
Brian Housh, President of Council


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