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At their most recent April 1 emergency meeting, Council members voted to require all households to pass out three pieces of candy to each trick-or-treater who visits their door on Halloween. Present at the meeting were Council members Billy Alright, Gia Smokes, Beverly Bubbles, Wiley Coyote and Ina Pinch. Also present for the meeting was Village Manager Jilia Worries. (Photo by YS News)

Council establishes mandatory minimums for Halloween treats

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In a 3–2 vote at their Saturday, April 1 emergency meeting, Village Council members established new guidelines for those wishing to pass out candy during trick-or-treat. 

Village Council president Billy “Feeling” Alright said the move would foster harmony throughout the village and aligned with all 47 of Yellow Springs’ stated Village Values, which Council voted on last month. 

“Basically, if you’re handing out treats, they should be treats everyone can enjoy,” Alright said. 

“And no skimping,” Village Manager Julia Worries added as she discussed a provision in the legislation that required villagers to give each child three treats. 

“We estimate that about 2,000 kids come through on Halloween night,” Worries said. “Villagers, then, should have between 6,000 pieces of candy on hand to make it through the two-hour rush.” 

Council member Gia Smokes said she was “thrilled” that the legislation was coming early enough that villagers could plan ahead. 

“I’ll start buying candy right after Easter,” Smokes said with a wink. 

 Worries said that other municipalities were making similar moves, but Yellow Springs would be the first municipality to require three pieces of candy for trick-or-treaters. 

Praising the addition, Council member Beverly Bubbles said she hoped a minimum requirement would send a clear message that the Village takes inclusivity and fairness seriously. 

“Candy isn’t really that hard to find,” she said. “This legislation just makes sense.” 

Council members Smokes, Bubbles, and Alright voted in favor of the measure; Council members Wiley Coyote and Ina Pinch abstained, as they had fallen asleep at the dais before the measure could come to a vote. 

In other Council Business, April 1: 

  • Council passed an ordinance to limit citizen speaking time to 15 seconds per speaker. 

  • Council passed a resolution designating every day “toddler appreciation day.”

  • Council considers naming “Baby Shark” new Yellow Springs anthem, proposes piping the song through the tornado sirens on the first Tuesday of each month. 

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