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Marilyn Berryman

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Marilyn Berryman passed away on July 26, 2023, due to natural causes after a fall. She worked as finance officer for the Village many years prior to her retirement. She was at peace, ultimately ready to go. I loved my mom so much.

—Cricket (Jeffrey Jackson)


3 Responses to “Marilyn Berryman”

  1. Tawn Jackson Singh says:

    I was adopted by Marilyn Finney Jackson Berryman when I was six months old from the Lutheran Social Service Agency. I was and ma a true orphan. Interesting one obituary for Marilyn, the woman who adopted me doesn’t mention me, her Black daughter.

    Marilyn was disowned for marrying James William Jackson, a Black man who was born 1926. My father always loved me. As a child, shortly after I was purchased like a cabbage patch doll, Marilyn wanted to take me on this trip. My father we would not allow it. The winnebago was blown over my and my father was stuck hanging upside-down. I remember hearing the story and thinking I’d never have left his side!

    I am living in my car in Dayton. While Cricket lives in a luxury apartment. He offered help, then threatened me with the police when I used the key he gave me while he was at work. I have achieved everything on my own, with God and the help of Jimmy Jackson. Thanks dad!!! I know YOU lived me from day 1!!!

    Any help is appreciated
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  2. Synchronicity of the Orthopteran says:

    I woke up last night for the bathroom. There, on my bathroom floor was a “cricket.” I used a cup to capture and released it back to the wild before going back to bed.

    They are believed to bring good luck. Never destroy one encountered in house.


  3. Michael Stewart says:

    As a teacher in Springfield City Schools, I was lucky enough to get to know Joan from taking my 5th grade students to Glenn Helen. She became a dear friend and colleague in environmental education. I retired from the class room in 1999 and would love to see Joan Horn again.

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