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At the Oct. 12 Yellow Springs Board of Education regular meeting, YS Schools announced the recipients of the October student and faculty awards. From left, first grader Rengio “Ren” Reynolds and seventh grader Maggie Bullock were named students of the month for Mills Lawn and McKinney Middle schools respectively. Eleventh grader Lili Herzog was named athlete of the month and Roberta Semler was named employee of the month. (Submitted photo)

Students of the Month | October 2023

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YS schools announced the October recipients of student and faculty awards at the Oct. 12 Board of Education meeting:

Rengio “Ren” Reynolds, first grade, Mills Lawn Young’s Dairy Student of the Month — Reynolds was nominated by first-grade teachers Jennifer Scavone and Mikasa Simms, who wrote: “Ren is always working hard to do his best in first grade. He is kind and helpful. He has a positive attitude about everything he does. He is encouraging to others. Ren loves to be at school.He is a great friend to all his classmates. We are very proud of how he is doing in first grade!”

Maggie Bullock, seventh grade, McKinney Middle School Mills Park Hotel Student of the Month — Bullock was nominated by math teacher Alicia Horvath, who wrote: “Maggie is always on task and willing to help in the classroom. She has offered to explain things to students who were absent to get them caught up, and she always has a positive attitude when coming to class. Even though I have only known Maggie for a month, she has really shown herself to be a role model and reliable student.”

Lili Herzog, 11th grade, Trophy Sports Center High School Scholar Athlete of the Month — Herzog was nominated by Jeff Eyrich and Jack Hatert, who wrote: “Lili has been a member of the YSHS girls varsity soccer team for three years. Over the past three years her skills and presence on the field have improved.

“This year Lili and two seniors were selected as captains by their teammates. Lili has embraced this leadership role both as a player and a captain.

“As captain she respects her teammates and values the trust they have in her as a positive leader. Lili is supportive of all her teammates during practice, has helped to organize a team dinner, keeps teammates motivated during pre-game warmups, leads the coordination to honor the seniors on senior night and helps guide the post game reflections in order to improve the team.

“As a player, she is dedicated to improving her game and it has shown this year in her field focus and improved first touch. Lili works hard and always gives her all on the field. She is center mid, which is often the anchor position, and the team knows that she will back them up wherever they are on the field. Lili’s reflective abilities, increased confidence, and her true appreciation for her teammates have made a significant contribution this year.”

• Roberta Semler, Peifer Orchard Employee of the Month — Semler was nominated by Megan Winston, Nancy Bussey, John Gudgel and the Mills Lawn staff, who wrote:  “Roberta goes above and beyond to support the students, staff, admin and families of Mills Lawn. She graciously took on the additional responsibilities over the last few months while the office was down a staff member. She recently organized the annual coat drive, in which she was able to provide over 20 students with the opportunity to shop for winter coats and have a pizza lunch. Over the next month, she will collaborate with the Xenia Rotary Club to secure Christmas gifts for approximately 10–15 Mills Lawn students. The Mills Lawn staff appreciates her wealth of knowledge, customer service, solution-oriented input and genuine kindness, day in and out.”

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