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Articles by Bomani Moyenda

Raised in YS. Current Intrests include writing, poetry, current events, social justice, music, family & friends. Member of the YS/Miami Township Visioning Steering Comittee

More Articles by Bomani Moyenda
  • Sankofa Talk | More intensive antiracism work needed

    “Despite our touted reputation for social justice, and interracial harmony, has Yellow Springs secretly, silently, begun surfing the waves of racism and white supremacy that have been cascading across the county in recent years?”

  • Sankofa Talk | Thoughts on a ‘better way’

    “A partnership involves listening to another’s point of view. Ask the students if they have experienced that. I might add that a partnership does not involve accusing anyone you claim to be wanting to partner with to be the purveyor of misinformation, especially when there is no evidence of that.”

  • Sankofa Talk — Back to Jim Crow

    “The public statements of Ohio legislators who have introduced anti-CRT bills clearly reflect they do not understand, nor do they care to understand, what CRT really is.”

  • Sankofa Talk — Save us from UpSouth Ohio

    “Jim Crow, 80 years of convict leasing, systemic discrimination, wanton police brutality, and relentless voter suppression since 1865, have literally destroyed the lives and aspirations of millions of Black people.”

  • Sankofa Talk — The New Jim Crow Playbook, again

    “I am writing this just a few hours after the jury in the Derek Chauvin murder trial went into deliberations. There very well may be a verdict by the time this is published. It has been a blood-curdling experience listening to the defense attorney grasping for straws in his attempt to win the day for his client.”

  • Sankofa Talk — An ‘All Lives Matter moment’

    Villagers, from left, Joan Chappelle, Cheryl Smith and Bomani Moyenda, and nearly 100 others attended a demonstration at the Greene County courthouse in Xenia on Monday evening to highlight the injustice of John Crawford’s death by police shooting at the Beavercreek Walmart in August. (Photo by Lauren Heaton)

    In the most recent installment of Bomani Moyenda’s column, “Sankofa Talk,” Moyenda recounts a tense interaction with an “All Lives Matter” proponent at a forum at Wilmington College.

  • Sankofa Talk — Fighting ’til the last day

    Bomani Moyenda speaks about organizing with the activist group Greene County Citizens Against Giant Jail Tax ahead of the 2020 primary.

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