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Articles About The Patterdale Hall Diaries

  • The Patterdale Hall Diaries | The heart of the house

    “Our stove is an extra-large, catalytic, woodburning Dutchwest stove made by Vermont Castings. It has a checkered past and people either love them or hate them.”

  • The Patterdale Hall Diaries | Start chopping

    “We need dry wood, multiple cuts. Tinder, kindling and overnighter logs. We have all these, but the fact that they need to be there every day is exciting.”

  • The Patterdale Hall Diaries | Far from the madding crowd

    “Bit by bit I would like to lay out the make-up of Patterdale Hall, dwell on aspects of the property and maybe even meditate, or more likely ruminate, on what manner of fresh hell has befallen us each day.”

  • The Patterdale Hall Diaries | Welcome to orientation

    “How do I heat the house, maintain stability in the Yellow Springs house and teach four classes in the spring? It’s not all me of course. It’s us.”

  • The Patterdale Hall Diaries | How it all began

    “When we bought this place, we bought more than 1.8 acres of woodland and vegetable beds — we discovered a place that had been loved. Really, really loved. You cannot ignore that. It resonates. It thrums.”

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