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Articles About Down to Earth

  • Down to Earth | Confessions of a gardener

    “As gardeners we tend to boast and show off our largest tomatoes and most gorgeous blooms, but we rarely discuss our foibles and foul-ups, out of embarrassment.”

  • Down to Earth | Drawing pleasure in gardening

    “He was a great painter, Monet, but he actually thought of himself as a gardener first and a painter second. Late in life, eyes failing and tired of traveling, he asked his village for permission to divert a small river onto his land.”

  • Down to Earth | ‘Keystone species’ vital

    “Whereas native species are always better than non-native species in fueling food webs, not all native plants are equal. Keystone native species are superior because they support many more wildlife species.”

  • Down to Earth | The free advice of birds

    “Since 1970, North America has lost three billion individual birds, nearly 30% of its total, suffering the heaviest losses among 12 bird families that include sparrows, warblers, finches and swallows.”

  • Down to Earth | ‘Capture the positive’ on Earth Day

    “The human species is facing so many difficult issues in our world community right now, ranging from the war in Ukraine to climate change. Let’s use this Earth Day to capture the positive.”

  • Down to Earth | The allure of local nature

    “What is it about nature and its allure? Why do some of us feel pulled to rush into the lush wildness that lies apart from the busyness of our societal spaces?”

  • Down to Earth — Tecumseh Land Trust and affordable housing

    “Affordable housing, farmland preservation and native habitat conservation — are they mutually exclusive?”

  • Down to Earth — Help to craft sustainability plan

    “Given this history and the wealth of expertise in our community, we’re long overdue for a comprehensive Climate Action and Sustainability Plan, or CASP.”

  • Down to Earth — Recycling confusion

    The throwaway plastic that holds our takeout food and wraps our dry cleaning is widely seen as one of the world’s biggest environmental hazards. It pollutes as it is produced, through the extraction of fossil fuels, and no sooner than it is used, it pollutes again.

  • Down to Earth launches

    “Down to Earth,” a new monthly column, will concentrate on environmental issues related to the village, embedded in the understanding of climate change, the need for community resilience and sustainability, and the restoration of native habitat.

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