2020 Holiday Giving and Gifting Catalogue
2020 Holiday Giving and Gifting Catalogue

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  • The Village Mouse— The sinking of the friend ship, pt. II

    Chipping away at Q-falsehoods with calm rhetoric proved tedious. I kept thinking: this stuff is batty. Too many people have to hide too many crimes, not to mention Donald Trump is connected to some of the alleged members of the cabal.

  • Little Thunders— Speaking Indian

    Whenever I hear an Elder speak our traditional Ojibwe language, known as anishinaabemowin, my eyes fill with tears. I become overwhelmed with emotion. I’m told that tears are the ancestors coming to visit and wash my vision to help me heal from historical trauma.

  • Little Thunders— As the thunder rolls, reflections and questions

    Over time, if you keep reading, you will get to know me and my perspective, but today I’ll tell you a little bit about my history.

  • The Village Mouse— The sinking of the friend ship

    In our online lives, the falling out of a friendship tends to go from snoozing, to unfriending, to blocking, the ultimate e-banishment.

  • EDITORIAL — ‘We are the weeds’

    There’s an irony in writing about invasive species that’s impossible to escape. Which species is more invasive than my own? [Editorial republished from the Nov. 7, 2019, issue of the News.]

  • EDITORIAL — A civic life for noncitizens

    Villagers voted on May 8, Primary Election Day. According to election officials, voting ebbed and flowed throughout the day at Antioch University Midwest, with an overall turnout of 1,664 voters. For precincts in Yellow Springs and Miami Township, the total turnout was about 53 percent, compared to 22 percent county-wide. (Photo by Megan Bachman)

    Yellow Springs has an opportunity to strengthen its stance as a welcoming community with our upcoming vote on a charter amendment that would give any Yellow Springs resident, citizen or noncitizen, the right to vote on municipal matters.

  • EDITORIAL — Clearing the air

    Ohio legislators are creating a clean air program. But it’s really a bailout for nuclear and coal plants at the expense of renewable energy.