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  • Village Council weighs future changes to zoning code

    At the most recent Village Council meeting, Monday, April 15, Council members wrestled with a familiar issue: Should the Village zoning code be modified to encourage more high-density and affordable developments? The answer from most Council members was “yes, but in due time.”

  • Zoning Inspector Richard Zopf terminated from position

    During the most recent regular meeting of the Miami Township Board of Trustees on Monday, Dec. 4, longtime Zoning Inspector Richard Zopf was terminated from his position, which he’s held for 24 years.

  • Planning and Zoning Administrator Swinger signs off

    Eight years and innumerable planning and zoning projects later, Swinger said her time has come to step down as a public servant. She is retiring later this month.

  • Village Council to amend zoning code

    At Village Council’s regular meeting Monday, April 17, Council members heard two proposed ordinances to amend the Village zoning code.

  • Planning Commission | Zoning amendments, senior housing move forward

    The plan for the proposed senior housing development includes 22 affordable duplex and triplex rental units earmarked for seniors and 10 two-story townhomes to be sold at low cost to qualifying buyers of varying age demographics.

  • Planning Commission | Residential zoning changes proposed

    At their most recent meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 14, the members of YS Planning Commission voted to initiate the process of amending some text of the Village Zoning Code.

  • Miami Township Trustees propose zoning code changes

    The request from the Zoning Commission concerns the removal of sections 18.51 and 18.52 from the Zoning Resolution. The sections in question, which can be read in full at bit.ly/3zW53Zn, concern temporary structures and property uses.

  • Process, ethics clarified in joint Council and Planning Commission meeting

    In recent months, a number of conditional use applications for construction projects around the village have either been approved by the Village’s Planning Commission, or are in the pipeline for approval

  • Open house for Glen Cottages

    In the face of unprecedented COVID-19 construction challenges and obstacles, Glen Cottages, an affordable housing development located at 1133 Xenia Ave., will soon be ready for move-in.

  • Village ends appeals process — Courts side with Struewings

    A panel of three Ohio appeals court judges last month sided unanimously with Ken and Betheen Struewing in their case against the Village over rights to Village water and sewer services.

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