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Photo by Ransome Phelps

Following a moon shadow

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Villagers and visitors alike gathered in local streets, yards and parks Monday, April 8, to witness a total solar eclipse — the first in this area since 1806, with the next to occur in 2099.

Folks donned eclipse glasses to watch as the moon gradually occluded the sun over the course of about an hour and 15 minutes; as more and more of the sun was obscured by the moon, the warm and sunny day began to grow chillier.

The quality and color of light from the sun as it was slowly veiled were unique — not like cloud cover, not exactly like sunset. Finally, around 3:10 p.m., the moon moved entirely in front of the sun, during which time a kind of panoramic twilight settled over the village.

Birds ceased their chirping, dandelions closed up and some nighttime insects emerged. During the two minutes of totality, and upon the reemergence of the sun, whooping and cheering could be heard throughout town as residents celebrated the brief — but awesome, in every sense of the word — experience together.


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