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Editorial Section

  • The Briar Patch | Love thy neighbor

    “I guess I took it for granted that both Richardsons would always be around. They greeted me when I arrived home for the first time wearing that yellow outfit.”

  • The Briar Patch | Seeing the Self Beyond Addiction

    “Through my own family experience, I know the throes of addiction can be a revolving door, a process that challenges even the saintliest of saint’s capacity to forgive.”

  • The Briar Patch | The Myth of Reproductive Agency

    “We stand on the precipice of a time in which the reproductive rights of millions of teenage girls and women hang in the balance in the shadow of a disintegrating medical system and toxic patriarchy.”

  • The Briar Patch | Venerating our Black girls

    “Black women in this community are not a monolith — there are plenty of us who had different experiences within the social framework of this community.”

  • The Briar Patch | Horses and synchronicity of spirit

    “These boundaries — fluid, but rigid at the same time — are hard to navigate in Yellow Springs, particularly as a Black woman.”

  • The Briar Patch — The architecture of community

    “Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that dwellings have meaning beyond an individual’s portfolio investment and can be designed in such a way as to protect people, transform and shift functions beyond a shelf life of 50 or 60 years.”

  • The Briar Patch— Zoning battles, a Mother’s Day story

    It is in the spirit of these Black mothers I say Happy Mother’s Day. Keep fighting the good fight for social justice and change.

  • The Briar Patch— Care for the caregivers

    Caregiving is an extended lesson in patience that lives well beyond the moment — and in many ways is the ultimate life lesson in companionship combined with perseverance.

  • The Briar Patch— Life cycles of community

    Yellow Springers will soon be asked to support efforts to either build a new school or improve the structures that are already in place through a new school levy. Up until three years ago, a school levy passing in Yellow Springs had been a no-brainer for several generations.

  • EDITORIAL — ‘No’ to 500 county jail beds

    The Greene County Jail on East Market Street in downtown Xenia was built in 1969. County leaders say the aging facility needs to be replaced with an updated and expanded facility. (Photo by Megan Bachman)

    Greene County voters face a choice in the March 17 primary. Should the county increase the sales tax to fund construction of a new and larger jail? A editorial on Greene County Issue 12 from a prior issue of the News.

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