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Hunter Lawson charged up the hill in the race's final half-mile. (Photo by Megan Bachman)

SPORTS SUNDAY — Bulldogs tear through home course

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The YSHS cross country team dominated a home tri-meet last week, taking the top spot in three of the four races.

Winning Bulldogs were Lois Miller for the high school girls, Zach McHugh for the high school boys, CJ Johnson for the middle school boys and Charlotte Walkey for the middle school girls.

The local team defeated Xenia Christian and Greenview for the overall victory. The girls team also came away with a win, while the boys team was just shy of a team victory.

Read more in this week’s YS News.

Photos by Megan Bachman




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SPORTS SUNDAY — Bulldogs tear through home course

by Megan Bachman