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Judge favors Struewings in case against Village

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The lawsuit between the Village and local residents Ken and Betheen Struewing reached a milestone last week when a Greene County Common Pleas Judge decided in favor of the Struewings.

The lawsuit concerned a request by the Struewings for the right to tap into Village utilities on their property, which lies just outside village limits at the corner of Spillan and Hyde Roads. Though the Village uses the property for public sewer lines that serve the south end of town, the Village denied the request because of its practice not to extend utility services to properties outside village limits.

The judge upheld the veracity of an easement, signed by Village officials and the former property owners in 1974, promising the property owner at least two utility taps on the property in exchange for the public utility easement.

The Village has not yet responded to the decision, according to Village Council member Judith Hempfling. Council will discuss the matter in executive session at tonight’s Council meeting.

Read this week’s News for more about the lawsuit and the court’s decision.

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Judge favors Struewings in case against Village

by Lauren Heaton