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Venus moving across the Sun's disc. (Photo courtesy of NASA)

A once-in-a-century event

Venus will transit across the sun on Tuesday, June 5, a rare astronomical event that will next occur in 2117. Thankfully, it will be visible in Yellow Springs, taking place at sunset.

To safely watch the transit, all are invited to the Antioch College amphitheater (795 Corry Street), where Pat Craig, chair of education and outreach for the Astronomy Club at Wright State University, will share astronomical lore before the viewing. The event starts at 5:30 p.m.

According to NASA, “transits of Venus across the disk of the Sun are among the rarest of planetary alignments.” Only six such have occurred since the invention of the telescope (1631, 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874 and 1882).

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Pat Craig peers through his telescope at Venus in 2010 (photo by Aaron Zaremsky)




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