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Donna D'Aquino's hand-fabricated bracelets have been in VOGUE! (photos by Suzanne Ehalt)

BLOG – Three out of eight

The nooks and crannies throughout the Village that often get overlooked. Today’s blog showcases a few of the Artist Tours from this past Saturday, Oct. 20.


3 Responses to “BLOG – Three out of eight”

  1. Suzanne Ehalt says:

    Libby, sadly I only made it to Studios #6, 7 & 8

  2. Libby Rudolf says:

    Beautiful pictures – It was a great week-end for the tour. Do you have any other photos? I was an artist at Studio Tour stop #4 at 473 Ridgecrest Dr, Pam Geisel’s house.

  3. Lisa Goldberg says:

    Beautiful artistic images. Thank you

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BLOG – Three out of eight

by Suzanne Szempruch