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Year in Review

Yellow Springs Year in Review: births and deaths in 2015

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Bella Serene Willis
Foster James Woehrle
Evelyn Marie Schmidt
Jayden Christopher Holt
Maya Lindsey Bergman Byrnes
Simon Joseph Bongorno
Seth David Peirson
Baby girl Till

Marilyn Dowdell
Karen Wygal
Mary Agna
Liz Visick
Frank Kakoi
Mary Morgan
John Gray
Lorena Hyde
Steve Dorn
Beverly Price
Goldie Crawford
Maxine Jones
Roger Husbands
Virginia Alexander
Barbara Hardman
Margaret Potts
David Boughan
Bill Houston
Suheil Bushrui
Richard Phillips
Cassandra Courtney
Eileen Webb
Brittany Butler
Tracy Primozich
Ruby Nicholson
Dorothy L. Scott
Mamie Rhone
Ira Brukner
Cecil Newman
Betty Dawson
John Blakelock Sr.
Jewel Graham
Ruth Holyoke
Eileen Monaghan
Virginia Crawford


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Yellow Springs Year in Review: births and deaths in 2015

by YS News Staff