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State issues, county levies

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State issues

Issue 1

Voters in Greene County felt similar to voters across the state, who all voted overwhelmingly for the Ohio Initiatives Deadlines Act. Statewide, the constitutional amendment that imposes earlier deadlines for statewide ballot initiatives won 68 percent of the vote, or 3,032,571 votes, while 1,379,353, or 31 percent voted against the measure. In Greene County, 41,720 people, or 69 percent of voters, approved the measure, while 18,436 voters, or 30 percent, rejected it.

Issue 2

Environmentalists came out across Ohio and Greene County to pass the constitutional amendment that would authorize the state to issue bonds for environmental revitalization and conservation of natural areas and farmland. In Ohio the measure passed with 3,179,521 votes for and 1,419,251 against. Across the county, the measure passed with 40,175 votes, or 64 percent for, and 21,707 votes, or 35 percent against.

Issue 3

Voters also support the private property rights that Issue 3 will give property owners who live near lakes, waterways and other water areas. Statewide, 71 percent of voters approved the measure, while 28 percent voted against it. While in the county, 42,100 voters (69 percent) approved the measure, while 18,277 voters (30 percent) rejected it. Issue 3 was proposed alongside the Great Lakes Water Compact, a regional effort of Great Lakes states to safeguard the lakes’ water supply.

Issue 5

The state and the county also strongly passed the referendum that will establish a cap of 29 percent on payday loans from Ohio lenders and limit borrowers to 30 days to pay back those loans. Ohio approved the measure with 63 percent voting for and 36.41 percent voting against. In the county, 42,011, or 66 percent voted for Issue 5, and 21,392, 33 percent, voted against it.

Issue 6

There was clear opposition across the state and Greene County to the measure that would have approved the construction of a privately owned gambling casino outside of Wilmington. The casino measure was shot down by the 62 percent statewide who voted against it, versus the 37 percent who voted to approve it. Of Greene County voters, 39,713, or 61 percent, voted against, and 25,380, or 39 percent, voted for it.

County levies

The News mistakenly reported the results of the Greene County Children’s Services Board levy. The 1.5-mill replacement levy that provides care and protection of abused and neglected children passed with 51 percent of voters for the levy and 48 percent against. The measure will add an additional $12 per year tax increase per $100,000 valuation of a home.

Issue 21

Greene County voters were split over the Greene County Children Services Board levy but fell on the side of rejecting the levy. Against the 1.5-mill replacement levy that provides care and protection of abused and neglected children were 31,923 voters, or 51 percent, compared to 29,904 voters, or 48 percent for the levy that would have added an additional $12 per year increase per $100,000 valuation of a home.

Issue 22

The Greene County electorate passed a 0.5-mill renewal levy that will help fund a range of services for Greene Memorial Hospital and will not increase taxes. The measure passed with 37,100 votes for and 26,109 votes against.

Issue 23

Voters also handily passed a renewal levy for operating funds for the Greene County Board of Mental Retardation, which again will not raise property taxes. For the tax levy were 38,898 votes, to 24,442 against it.

Issue 24

The Greene County Mental Health and Recovery Board will not see an increase in operating funds this year, as 35,385 voters, or 56 percent, throughout the county voted down the mental health services replacement levy that would have added a $2 per month increase for the owner of a home valued at $100,000. There were 27,484 voters, or 43 percent, who voted for the levy.

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