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Join t-ball for penultimate fun

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Hey! All you t-ball fans! Listen up!

The Perry League is in the twilight of its 2010 season. This Friday, July 30, will be the ninth Friday night in our 10-Friday night t-ball season — our penultimate evening of play. “Penultimate” is one of my $10 words, one I used incorrectly for about 20 years. I thought it meant “bigger than ultimate” or “more dramatic than ultimate,” but then a teacher-writer friend mentioned “the dot at the end of the penultimate chapter” in James Joyce’s Ulysses, which is the “second-to-last” chapter and I realized my mistake. So, this Friday, July 30, is our second-to-last night, the penultimate night of Yellow Springs t-ball for this hot, hot, humid, it’s-90-degrees-and-feels-like-it’s-114 degrees, summer of 2010.  

Please stop by the Gaunt Park ball diamonds, and sign up to bring something to and for our final night’s weiner roast potluck — which is what we do on the final night of play, Friday night, Aug. 6. We’ll have a big sign up sheet, designed again this summer by Becky Reed, listing all the things people can and need to bring to make our final night’s potluck-picnic the great delight it has been these past 2,000 years.

And that final night is also our trophy night. On that night, we play a little t-ball, and once the hot dogs are ready, we chow down, feasting on the many wonderful things people bring (both veggie and not, of course). Once everyone’s gone through the line at least once (and many of us go back for seconds and thirds), we blow our whistle and line the children up one final time — this time to give each child a trophy. That’s right, a trophy, paid for again (10 years running now) by the Yellow Springs Lions Club (thank you very much, ye wonderful Lions). There’s a trophy for every child that shows up on that final night of play, even if it is the child’s first night on the diamond with us. Honest to goodness. We got the trophies. You bring the child.

So stop by Friday night, July 30. Play a little ball with us. Check out the sign up sheet to see if there is something you could bring, something you’d like to bring, and then just relax and enjoy the prodigious and unparalleled joys of the Perry League, Yellow Springs’ t-ball program for all our community’s children, girls and boys, ages 2–9, regardless of race, color or creed. That’s at Gaunt Park the next two Friday nights, July 30 and Aug. 6, 6:30–8 p.m., where we’ll be trying to have a little fun. Wanna try to have a little fun with us? We’d love it if you did.


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