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  • Perry League— A ‘loving and glorious’ 49th season ends

    The 49th season of the Perry League came to a close in a loving and glorious way. More than 60 children came out for a final night of play, a potluck wiener roast picnic and the grand finale of the awarding of Perry League trophies.

  • Perry League— A lifetime of T-ball

    T-ball is a wonderful thing happening to me every Friday night. But Mayor Pam Conine graced our diamond.

  • Perry League — Tiny T-ballers beat the heat

    T-baller Luke Miller takes his base decisively at a T-ball game earlier this month. Last Friday’s play took place in 90 degree heat, which did not stop the intrepid athletes. (Photo by Luciana Lieff)

    It was around 90 degrees at 6:30 p.m., and when I got to the field there was not a soul in sight — just me and an empty, oven-hot diamond.

  • Perry League— Hugs, backflips and King Cobra

    At a Perry League T-ball game earlier this month, one-year-old Ronan Triplett crawled down for a ball. (Photo by luciana Lieff )

    When Henry Campbell, 6, comes to the plate, he looks serious, like a man sent in to do a job only a professional like him can do. 

  • Perry League — T-ballers play through rain, rainbows

    Ella Bristline, 3, took off for the base, leaving Topher Besson, 3, on the bag and in the dust on Friday's Perry League T-ball game. (Photo by Luciana Lieff)

    We don’t hear thunder. There were dark clouds to the east of us, and more to the west. But people keep showing up, keep coming to the diamond. We decide to play.

  • Perry League — A vibrant gang of children

    Nora Carr runs merrily off the field in full T-ball regalia at Perry League on Friday, June 21. (Submitted photo)

    Fiona Garcia, 5, came to bat without her Perry League cap. “She doesn’t want to wear it,” Laura Byrnes said. “It musses her hair too much.” “I feel the same way,” I said, and noticed, as if for the first time, Fiona’s fabulous head of hair.

  • Perry League— Where everybody knows your name

    I told Aspen Reitsman, 4, to touch her toe to the home base plate, telling her this gave her a run. “A what? You want me to run?” she asked.

  • Adorable new season tees off

    Fiona Garcia, Violet Ficke and Amber Ficke cheesed for the camera at last Friday’s Perry League game — Coach Jimmy was able to fit them into the batting line-up at the proverbial bottom of the ninth. (Submitted Photo by Heather Hunter)

    I got to Gaunt Park later than I planned and was delighted: there were 120 people spread out on their blankets, in their chairs, on both diamonds.

  • Perry League T-ball to begin

    Jimmy Chesire discusses “dog, dog, deer. dog, dog,” with Maggie Bullock at home base at Friday night’s Perry League game. T-ball continues Friday evenings at 6 p.m. through August 7. (Photo by Suzanne Szempruch)

    It’s nearly June — and that means it’s time for the Perry League, Yellow Springs’ all volunteer, 10-week T-ball program for all kids, 2–9 years of age.

  • The tiny heroes of T-ball

    At the end of the evening we are running out to the light pole overlooking right field.