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2010 Yellow Springs Election Results—Democrats win the village, lose Ohio

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Strickland sweeps YS

While Democratic Governor Ted Strickland came out on the losing end of a tight statewide race, in Yellow Springs he was king, the choice of nine out of 10 local voters. Unfortunately for Strickland, the state did not follow the lead of the village.

In Ohio overall, Republican John Kasich won roughly 50 percent of the vote, while Strickland garnered about 46 percent, with about 94 percent of the vote counted.

In Yellow Springs, voters picked Strickland nine to one, with 1,661 villagers voting for Strickland and 183 choosing Kasich, according to Greene County Election Board figures. In the more politically conservative Miami Township, the race for governor was much closer, with 342 voters favoring Strickland and 292 choosing Kasich.

Third-party candidates for governor also made a showing in the village, with 25 villagers voting for Green Party candidate Dennis Spisak and 24 villagers picking Libertarian Ken Matesz. In the township, 10 voters favored Spisak and 13 chose Matesz.

In Yellow Springs, Precinct 440 consists of most of the north side of town, and Precinct 441 includes the western part of Yellow Springs. Precinct 442 consists of much of the town’s central areas and downtown. Precinct 443 includes the south end of Yellow Springs.

In Miami Township, Precinct 455 includes the eastern portion of Miami Township, residences east of Grinnell and Bryan Park Roads, and Precinct 456 consists of the portion of the township west of Grinnell and Bryan Park Roads, and outside Yellow Springs.

Turnout overall in Yellow Springs varied between precincts but was moderate in general, with 58 percent of voters casting ballots in Precinct 440, 57 percent in 441, 42 percent in 442 and 64 percent in 443. In the township, 58 percent of voters of Precinct 455 cast ballots, along with 66 percent of Precinct 456.

The governor’s race by precinct, in votes:

Precinct 440: Strickland, 481; Kasich, 49; Matesz, 9; Spisak, 5.
Precinct 441: Strickland, 380; Kasich, 30; Matesz, 5; Spisak, 5.
Precinct 442: Strickland, 383; Kasich, 28; Spisak, 11; Matesz, 3.
Precinct 443: Strickland, 417; Kasich, 66; Matesz, 7; Spisak, 4.
Precinct 455: Kasich, 169; Strickland, 115; Matesz, 6; Spisak, 6.
Precinct 456: Strickland, 227; Kasich, 123; Matesz, 7; Spisak, 4.

Cordray wins big

Former Attorney General Richard Cordray also won big in Yellow Springs, drubbing native son Mike DeWine by a margin of about six to one. In Yellow Springs, Cordray garnered 1,583 votes compared to 248 for DeWine.

However, in the township, DeWine squeaked by with a single vote, gaining 310 votes compared to 309 for Cordray, according to Greene County figures.

Third-party candidate Mark Feldman of the Libertarian Party won 35 votes in the village, compared to 15 votes for Robert Owens of the Constitution Party.

The attorney general’s race by precinct:

Precinct 440: Cordray, 458; DeWine 73; Feldman, 11; Owens, 1.
Precinct 441: Cordray, 355; DeWine, 54; Feldman, 6; Owens 5.
Precinct 442: Cordray, 376; DeWine, 36; Feldman, 10; Owens, 5.
Precinct 443: Cordray, 394; DeWine, 85; Feldman, 8; Owens, 4.
Precinct 455: DeWine, 173; Cordray, 103; Owens, 15; Feldman, 8.
Precinct 456: Cordray, 206; DeWine 137; Owens, 11; Feldman, 2.

O’Shaughnessy wins in YS

In the state overall, the Republicans swept top state offices. Republican Secretary of State candidate Jon Husted bested Democratic Maryellen O’Shaughnessy, with 1,912,560 votes compared to 1,425,515.

But Democrats triumphed in the village, where O’Shaughnessy won with 1,582 votes compared to 222 for Hustead. But it was a different story in the township, where Husted won with 321 votes compared to 303 for O’Shaughnessy. Third-party candidate Charles Earl, of the Libertarian Party, garnered 50 votes in the village and 23 in the township.

The secretary of state race by precinct:

Precinct 440: O’Shaughnessy, 459; Husted, 61; Earl, 14.
Precinct 441: O’Shaughnessy, 358; Husted, 44; Earl,13.
Precinct 442: O’Shaughnessy, 376; Husted, 34; Earl, 10.
Precinct 443: O’Shaughnessy, 389; Husted, 83; Earl, 13.
Precinct 455: Husted, 186; O’Shaughnessy, 95; Earl 13.
Precinct 456: O’Shaughnessy, 208; Husted, 135; Earl, 10.


U.S. Senate

Republican Rob Portman won the U.S. Senate seat of George Voinovich, cleaving Democratic challenger Lee Fisher out of the race. Portman gleaned 57 percent of the Ohio vote with about 2,061,000 votes to Fisher’s 38 percent, or about 1,374,000 votes. Eric Deaton, Constitution, got the next highest number of votes, with 62,000, followed by Michael Pryce, with 47,000, and Socialist Daniel Labotz, with 24,000 votes.

Yellow Springs residents voted the opposite way, along with most of the western Miami Township precinct.

Votes by Y.S. and Miami Twp. precinct:

Precinct 440: Fisher, 457; Portman, 62
Precinct 441: Fisher, 350; Portman, 53
Precinct 442: Fisher, 373; Portman, 31
Precinct 443: Fisher, 386; Portman, 84
Precinct 455: Portman, 191; Fisher, 94
Precinct 456: Fisher, 205; Portman, 138

U.S. Congress, 7th District

Voters across the district resoundingly returned Republican Steve Austria to his seat in the U.S. House for a second term. Of the Ohio vote, Austria gathered 132,615 votes, while Democrat Bill Connor suffered with 67,393 votes, followed by Libertarian John Anderson, with 9,134, and Constitution Party representative David Easton with 2,695.

Some Miami Township residents agreed; however, Yellow Springers would have sent Connor up to the Hill if they had their way. The two other candidates didn’t get much play by either group.

Votes by Y.S. and Miami Twp. precinct:

440: Connor, 459; Austria, 62
441: Connor, 359; Austria, 47
442: Connor, 385; Austria, 31
443: Connor, 387; Austria, 84
455: Austria, 183; Connor, 94
456: Connor, 207; Austria, 128

County issues

Combined Health District levy

Greene County voters passed the Issue 5 replacement levy to increase by .8 mills support for the Greene County Combined Health District for five years. In support of the levy were 31,000, who beat the naysayers with just 26,000 votes. Voters in most Yellow Springs and Miami Township precincts were as generous.

Votes by Y.S. and Miami Twp. precinct:

Precinct 440: yes, 462; no, 79
Precinct 441: yes, 348; no, 65
Precinct 442: yes, 365; no, 59
Precinct 443: yes, 427; no, 61
Precinct 455: yes, 167; no, 131
Precinct 456: yes, 249; no, 105

Bridge repair levy

Voters across the county also voted to pass Issue 4, the five-year .25-mill renewal levy for bridge repair. For the levy were 34,000 votes, and against it were 22,000. Local voters leaned the same way.

Votes by Y.S. and Miami Twp. precinct:

Precinct 440: yes, 426; no, 112
Precinct 441: yes, 316; no, 99
Precinct 442: yes, 346; no, 75
Precinct 443: yes, 414; no, 73
Precinct 455: yes, 174; no, 123
Precinct 456: yes, 251; no, 104

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