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Tree trimming begins soon

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The Village will soon trim trees close to electrical lines in the south end of town more aggressively than in the past due to several recent power outages, according to Village Superintendent of Electric and Water Kelley Fox this week. Specifically, the Village will contract with AMP, the municipal power supplier, to send tree-trimming crews as soon as they’re available. The action follows a June 20 Village Council discussion on the outages and need for immediate action.

“I need them to send several crews and get this done soon,” Fox said in an interview.

A representative from AMP visited Yellow Springs last Friday, June 24, to walk the south end of town, which is the area due for tree-trimming as well as the area most affected by recent power outages. All of those outages were caused by tree limbs falling on lines, according to Fox, who stated that the Village electrical infrastructure is working fine and not a factor in the outages. The Village expects to receive an estimate soon from AMP and shortly after to move ahead with the tree trimming.

In recent years the Village has trimmed trees more cautiously than many municipalities, due to villagers’ concerns over aesthetics. However, the abundance of storms this year, including the February ice storm, resulted in more falling limbs and branches that have caused all of the local outages, Fox said. While the upcoming trimming will be less conservative than in the past, it will mainly focus on softwoods such as white pine and silver maples that were linked to the outages.

For a more detailed story, see the June 30 News.


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