Senior Submissions
  • Aaron’s Lens – Parks

    Here are some images of the parks and places of leisure around town. It is likely that I will add another set in the future.

  • BLOG-I, Asparagi

    The garden is a constant conversation with nature. It weeps, it rages, it whisper in its sleep. Mostly, though, it sings.

  • Antioch School LG Store

    Isaac Stiles (in the hood) and Jonah Summers sold strawberry-marshmallow-watermelon fruit kabobs at the store ‘Caveman Campfire Snacks’ to other Antioch School students with Antioch play money. (photo by Suzanne Szempruch)

    On April 22, Antioch School’s Younger Group opened their stores on the Bryan Center lawn, where they small toys, clothes and snacks for sale using Antioch play money.