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New guy in charge. (photo by Diane Chiddister)

Brad Ault.
(photo by Diane Chiddister)

Village names internal water, wastewater supervisor

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The Village hired Brad Ault as the new superintendent of water and wastewater treatment, Village Manager Patti Bates announced at the Council meeting on Monday, July 20.

Ault joined the Village in 2007 as a wastewater treatment plant operator, under former Superintendent Joe Bates, and has since led operations at both the wastewater and water plants with operator Richard Stockton. The local team was recognized by the Ohio Water Environment Association in 2013 as the safest municipal wastewater treatment plant in the state.

Ault, who lives in Xenia, is certified with a Water Treatment I operator’s license and a wastewater treatment II operator’s license through the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. (The Yellow Springs plants are rated level II in wastewater and I in water, based on size.) He anticipates that his biggest project will be the construction of the Village’s new water plant, slated to begin construction later next year, near the current plant.

“Richard and I were both involved during whole water plant tours, meetings and design process, and we’ll continue to the final stage of construction,” Ault said this week. “I was here throughout construction of the wastewater plant, so I kind of know what to expect.”

Ault replaces Bates, who resigned last month after nine years with the Village to supervise the water plant for the City of Xenia. The Village intends to hire a third plant operator in the coming months.

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Village names internal water, wastewater supervisor

by Lauren Heaton