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The Art House-Hope returns on June 25, and will include stops at local gardens this year.

The Art House-Hop returns on June 25, and will include stops at local gardens this year.

See private art, gardens at Art House-Hop

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The YS Arts Council will present the annual Art House-Hop on Sunday, June 25, noon–5 p.m. The Art House-Hop is a self-guided tour of private art collections in Yellow Springs, and — new to this year — several private gardens as well.

This year’s tour will feature six art collections and three gardens, including the home of Dan and Libby Rudolf; Libby is a watercolor artist, and their home contains a two-story garden room with a saguaro, orchids, orange trees and frogs. Also on the tour will be “The Tree House,” built by artist Bruce Parker, which is filled with handmade quilts, found art and handcrafted furniture.

Tickets for the Art House-Hop are available online at, and in town at the YS Arts Council, the Farmers Market and Village Artisans. Cost is $15 for ages 13 and older; children 12 and under may attend for free. Those planning to attend will receive a brochure with a description of each collection, addresses and a map when tickets are purchased. Proceeds will benefit the YS Arts Council.


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