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A sample page from "Flipping Stereotypes."

A sample page from "Flipping Stereotypes."

YSHS students explore stereotypes in new art book

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YSHS art students recently collaborated to create “Flipping Stereotypes,” a book of drawings that seeks to ask: “What is the ‘average American?’”

The book employs a “mix-and-match” format, familiar in children’s books; each oblong page is
separated into thirds, and readers can flip between 17 different heads, torsos and legs of drawings of different teenage stereotypes, creating new combinations. In this way, according to a press release from the creators, readers can transform the characters in the book “from one-dimensional stereotypes to multifaceted human beings. … This interactive experience reminds us that no one is as simple as they appear to be, and we have more in common with one another than we realize.”

Fourteen young artists worked on the book:

Ellery Bledsoe — “The Religious Believer “
Kaden Boutis — “The Fashionable Diva”
Kallyn Buckenmyer — “The Rowdy Punk
Elesha Harney — “The Foreign Immigrant” and “The Passionate Activist”
Greta Kremer — “The Disabled Survivor”
Haley Mapes — “The Mellow Slacker”
Lucas Mulhall — “The Poetic Musician”
Juno Shemano — “The Scholarly Valedictorian”
Kyra Siemer — “The Rebellious Troublemaker” and “The Homeless Runaway”
Callie Smith — “The Creative Artist” and “The Dedicated Band Geek”
Chris Thompson — “The Transgender GSA Member”
Shekinah Williams — “The Spirited Cheerleader” and “The Melancholy Loner”
Holly Weir — “The Hardworking Farmer” and “The Contagious Sniffler”
Bear Wright — “The Brawny Athlete” and “The Talented Actor”

The book was published by art teacher Elisabeth Simon in partnership with DMS ink and the Bricks Agency. It’s currently available for purchase for $12 at YSHS and at

Click below for more sample pages from “Flipping Stereotypes.”


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