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Miami Township Fire-Rescue is in need of volunteers. (Photo via

Miami Township Fire-Rescue is in need of volunteers. (Photo via

Volunteers needed for Miami Township Fire-Rescue

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Miami Township Fire-Rescue has a critical need for local residents willing to commit the time and train to become a firefighter and/or emergency medical technician. Currently, MTFR has 17 volunteer members — 13 short of its optimum staffing level. This shortage is affecting the department’s ability to provide efficient and cost-effective services to the community.

While the department continues to provide coverage, the need for additional staff is very real.

“We rely on our volunteers to respond to calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” said Chief Colin Altman. “With our numbers so low, we’re beginning to experience staff burnout and see effects on retention.”

MTFR’s call volume continues to increase; in fact, last year saw a record number of emergency medical calls.

Fifty percent of MTFR’s current staff of volunteers reside outside of the Township. While these members perform valuable and outstanding service, not living in the Township limits their availability to respond to calls. “What we really need are several additional volunteers who live in the township, Clifton or Yellow Springs” states Firefighter/EMT Bob Cooper, president of the firefighter’s association.

In return for their service, MTFR pays for all training, uniforms and equipment. Miami Township reimburses volunteers on a per call basis for their time. In addition, the department provides Worker’s Compensation and supplemental accident insurance and provides a fitness center.
The lack of volunteers can influence affordability within the community. Currently, the Township provides the bulk of its fire and EMS services through volunteers, which keeps cost low and the fire/EMS levy reasonable. With dwindling numbers, the Township is forced to turn to part-time and career staff to provide services, which significantly increases costs.

Volunteering with MTFR is a considerable time commitment, but the rewards are limitless. The department gives residents the opportunity to perform community service that makes a difference. For more information, contact the fire department at 767-7842, drop by the Yellow Springs fire station or visit MTFR Recruitment on Facebook.


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  1. Don Hubschman says:

    Yellow Springs never seems to have a shortage of protestors. Maybe some of those who so readily line the sidewalks of Xenia Avenue for the protest de jour can redirect their passions to being volunteer first responders…

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