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Krier resigns; YS School board accepts separation agreement

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UPDATE: Krier releases statement on resignation

At a special meeting of the Yellow Springs School Board on Thursday, Sept. 6, the board voted to accept the resignation of Yellow Springs High School/McKinney Middle School Principal Tim Krier. They also approved a separation agreement with Krier, who has been on paid leave since March.

According to the agreement, Krier’s resignation will be effective next spring, on April 22, 2019. Krier will remain on paid administrative leave until that time, and may be required to provide some work for the district. Krier, who reportedly has moved out of the district, currently receives a salary of $108,078.93, the News has reported. The district would not continue to pay his salary if he got another education job, the agreement states.

Krier has been away from the high/middle school since early March, and was on an unspecified medical leave through Aug. 1, when he was placed on paid administrative leave. Krier’s extended absence coincided with a Yellow Springs Police Department investigation in March into allegations of sexual misconduct between high school students. Krier was advised by the district to stay off school grounds and away from school events during the leave. Local police have said that Krier was not suspected of any sexual offenses. 

Also part of the separation agreement, the school superintendent will provide Krier with a letter of reference, and Krier agrees not to sue the school district for any claims arising out of his employment at the local district, which began in 2010.

The vote was 4–0 after Board President Aida Merhemic recused herself. Newly-appointed board member TJ Turner, sworn in earlier in the special meeting, joined members Steve MacQueen, Steve Conn and Sylvia Ellison in voting to accept the resignation and separation agreement.

Earlier this summer, the school board approved Assistant Principal Jack Hatert as the school’s interim principal for the 2018–19 school year effective Aug. 1.

UPDATE: On Friday, Sept. 6, Basora released the following statement to area media and to the parents and guardians of students who attend Yellow Springs Schools. 

“At its September 6th meeting, the Yellow Springs Board of Education accepted the resignation of High School Principal, Tim Krier. Dr. Krier’s resignation follows an outside investigation into whether allegations of student misconduct were promptly and appropriately investigated and reported to outside authorities. The investigation determined that Dr. Krier did not violate his legal obligation to report allegations of abuse or neglect to appropriate outside authorities (local police or Children Services). The investigation further made clear that the board of education and superintendent first learned of the alleged incidents of student sexual harassment and assault in March 2018 and took immediate and appropriate action to investigate the matter and ensure student safety.

The Board of Education and District are reviewing board policy to ensure that clear language and direction is provided for how to address allegations of harassment and assault in the future. Further, the District is working to ensure adequate training on mandated reporting requirements, title IX, harassment, and cultural competence with gender and race is being provided for our educators and students.  

Interim Principal Jack Hatert and Interim Assistant to the Principal Cameron McCoy will continue in their leadership roles for the remainder of the school year. In February, the District will begin a more formal hiring process to name a permanent high school principal and assistant principal for the 2019-20 school year.”


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