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Students of the Month — October 2019

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Seventh gradeLiliana Herzog: “Liliana is so inquisitive, kind, helpful and funny. She is always the first person to ask questions, share insight or strike up a conversation. Her ability to connect with peers and adults in the building is truly remarkable.”Cameron McCoy

Eighth gradeChloe Bayard: “Chloe is one of the most hardworking students. I have never seen her give up and she is always patient and respectful with teachers and peers. She also comes in for tutoring almost every week.”
—Courtney O’Connor

Ninth gradeAhsha Jackson: “Ahsha is extremely hardworking and conscientious. She always turns in assignments on time and takes pride in the quality of her work. Most importantly, she goes out of her way to help classmates complete assignments, even tutoring one-on-one during class time. She is patient, kind and a joy to have in class.” —Desiree Nickell

10th gradeAmelia Hurley: “Amelia brings a light into our school that has a positive effect on both staff and students. She is always willing to work alongside other students who are having OcotbeOctoberdifficulty with a concept and helps to ensure their success through her own mastery of a concept or skill.” —Dave Johnston

11th grade Craig Arrington: “Craig is consistently turning assignments in and performing at a high level on his assignments. I have seen tremendous growth and have been impressed with his academic habits this year..” —Kevin Lydy

12th grade Robin McCoy: “Robyn is taking two physical education classes this semester, which means I see her twice a day on B days. Robyn always has a smile on her face and brings a positive attitude to anything we do. Robyn proactively seeks feedback and has a growth mindset. I can see Robyn take critical feedback and apply it in the moment almost on a daily basis. She is kind, respectful and a very hard worker. Robyn cares about herself and others and makes our shared learning community brighter!” —Kate Lohmeyer

Congratulations to all of this month’s selected students — and Go Bulldogs!

—Submitted by Yellow Springs Schools

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