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  • Teachers urge online option

    As Yellow Springs school district leaders consider what educational approach to take when the 2020–21 academic year begins Aug. 27, the local teachers union says the risks of returning to the classroom amid the continuing COVID-19 pandemic are too great, and is calling for “100% virtual” learning when school resumes.

  • Yellow Springs Schools— Town hall addresses restart

    Yellow Springs Schools Superintendent Terri Holden fielded questions from local parents regarding the district’s school start options at a town hall meeting on Monday, July 20. The district could make a decision about school restart as early as Sunday, July 26.

  • Home, Inc. and St. Mary — Senior housing funding denied

    A planned 54-unit senior apartment building in Yellow Springs was turned down for funding for the second consecutive year.

  • Masks required by law downtown

    Council unanimously passed an emergency ordinance mandating facial coverings downtown and on Village-owned properties when physical distancing of six feet is not possible.

  • Yellow Springs Schools— Reopening plan in flux

    With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to spread in our community and region, and the 2020–21 school year scheduled to begin in a mere six weeks, uncertainty and worry seem to be the overwhelming feelings among many families considering educational choices for their children.

  • Eyes on reform

    About 30 members and supporters of the Greene County Coalition for Compassionate Justice gathered across from Greene County Jail in Xenia last Saturday, July 11, to call on county leaders to reduce the jail population during, and beyond, the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Alice Teresa Mundy-Robins

    Alice Teresa Mundy-Robins, age 79, passed away July 4, 2020, in Chesapeake, Va. 

  • New processor license for Cresco Labs

    Cresco Labs learned in June that it had been awarded a provisional processor license under Ohio’s medical marijuana program.

  • Institutions adapt to COVID-19

    The News spoke with leaders at a variety of local institutions who are adapting to a new normal in the fifth month of the coronavirus pandemic, including the Yellow Springs Senior Center, Friends Care Community, Yellow Springs Community Children’s Center, Antioch College Wellness Center and the John Bryan Center/Youth Center.

  • Black women amplified

    “Empowering Black Women” was the theme of the most recent anti-racism rally, held Saturday, July 11, near the Yellow Springs Public Library, and followed by a march. Here, artist Abby Flanagan stood by some of her original artwork. (Photo by Kathleen Galarza)

    “Empowering Black Women” was the theme of the most recent anti-racism rally, held Saturday, July 11.

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