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In the weeks after the Feb. 3 freight train derailment, East Palestine residents Morgan Parker, her 12-year-old daughter Bella and 10-year-old son Channing have experienced medical problems related to the hazardous materials released from the train’s wreckage. Owing to their proximity to the accident, the family seeks to relocate to Yellow Springs or the surrounding area. Villager Jenny Johnson established a fund to help the family move. (Submitted photo)

Donate to relocation fund for East Palestine family

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Following a Feb. 3 freight train derailment that was carrying hazardous materials, and a resulting chemical spill in East Palestine, Ohio, village resident Jenny Johnson established a fundraiser to help relocate a family who lived a quarter mile away from the wreckage.

Fearing health impacts from the hazardous waste spewed into the air and land in East Palestine, the Parker family — a single mother and two children — wish to move to Yellow Springs or a nearby community. The goal of the fundraiser is to provide the Parkers with at least $5,000 by the end of April to aid in relocation costs.

Johnson told the News that she was horrified upon reading about the train derailment and immediately began searching for a way to help.

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“I would have helped anyone needing it, but I’m glad I met [Morgan],” Johnson said. “She’s a single mom with hardly any other support in her life. As a mother myself, I feel compassionate for someone in her position.”

Johnson also said she intends to set up a table in downtown Yellow Springs over the coming weeks to raise funds in person. She also hopes to have a spot at the weekly farmers market on Saturday mornings to do the same.

To donate to the Parker family’s relocation fund, go to or to learn more, contact Johnson at

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