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Village Council

Village Council | Regular Meeting, April 3, 2023

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Business conducted at Village Council’s most recent regular meeting, Monday, April 3, included:


• Council approved an ordinance to adjust pool fees for the 2023 season. According to Village Manager Josué Salmerón and Public Works Director Johnnie Burns, the rates were previously raised by about 15%, but the increases would not have covered the cost of chemicals, which have risen 50%, and the new minimum wage established for lifeguards.

• Council passed the second reading of an ordinance to establish itinerant vendor fees and develop a registry for those wishing to sell their wares in the village.

• Council passed an emergency ordinance to join Sustainable Ohio Public Energy Council, or SOPEC, and accept their bylaws. Once adopted, SOPEC will negotiate with natural gas companies on behalf of the Village. 

• Council passed an emergency second quarter supplemental appropriation for $1,311,650, which included $10,000 for new playground equipment, money which was donated by Greene County Parks and Recreation; $2,850 for the Village Mediation program, from two donations; and a $649,400 expenditure for painting the village’s water towers, with $158,000 coming out of the water fund and $491,400 coming from the General Fund.

• Council approved a resolution approving signatories for Raymond James financial transactions. The signatories are Village Clerk Judy Kintner, Village Manager Josué Salmerón and Finance Director Amy Kemper.

• Council approved a resolution to extend a contract with JDRC Acquisitions, an LLC that is storing cargo containers on Village-owned property near Cresco Labs.

• Council passed a resolution authorizing Salmerón to enter into a contract with Viking Painting, LLC. Viking will repaint the village’s water towers for $649,400. According to Burns, the towers have not been painted in 25 years and will need maintenance within the next year. The painting will prevent rust from forming on the inside of the water towers, which are made of steel.

• Council passed a resolution to remove defunct and uncollectible utility balances from the utility billing system for the year 2018. The accounts stem from a change in the billing system. Salmerón said the administrative team is working on a system for collecting on delinquent accounts through tax liens.

Financial reports

Salmerón presented an investment opportunity discussed by the Village finance committee. He said the opportunity has come with rising interest rates, and investments could see a 5% return. He also said WesBanco agreed to give the Village a 4.95% interest rate for their investments. The finance committee will continue to consider the best strategy for three- and five-year investments and utilization for cash reserves. As of March 31, the Village has $6,086,136 in its Star Ohio account, $1,768,011 in its Raymond James Investment account and $3,368,670 in its WesBanco general account, totaling $11,204,818.

Manager’s report

Salmerón updated Council on searches to fill the Planning and Zoning administrator role, and several roles in the Public Works Department. Salmerón said the Planning and Zoning administrator search had been narrowed to four candidates, and Salmerón expected to make an offer soon. Salmerón said he and Public Works Director Johnnie Burns had six candidates for the positions.

Village Council’s next meeting will be Monday, April 17.

—Jessica Thomas


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