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  • 91.3 WYSO awarded $5 million to preserve HBCU radio archives

    A $5 million grant was recently awarded to 91.3 WYSO to fund the preservation of radio station archives for the 29 Historically Black Colleges and Universities, or HBCUs, in the U.S. with a radio station.

  • Black-owned businesses thrive in Yellow Springs

    Yellow Springs has seen a steep decline in its African American population,  from around 30% in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, to the current population of less than 12%, but Black businesses continue to thrive in the village.

  • Editorial | Ceasefire now

    “We believe we are witnessing the horrors of genocide, that it is wrong, and that we, as reporters — no matter how small we are — must stand on the side of truth in relaying this tragic reality.”

  • 2023 In Review | The Arts

    As ever the case in colorful Yellow Springs, 2023 was abundant in artistic creation and expression.

  • The Briar Patch | Remembering Nancy Green

    “In many ways, art is one of the last bastions of propaganda that pushes racist and imperialist ideology through our visual engagement in society.”

  • Monarch Wellness Solutions offers ketamine-assisted therapy

    Through the practice, Dansby offers traditional therapy services and wellness coaching, in addition to ketamine-assisted therapy.

  • A Myriad of handmade art and clothing

    Myriad, located at 108 Dayton St., is one of downtown Yellow Springs’ newest shops. Owned by local resident Colette Palamar, Myriad sells eclectic art, clothing, jewelry and more.

  • The Briar Patch | Banging on pots

    “My mom — or was it my aunt Annie? — told me that my Grandma Ira used to cry while banging on pots and singing hymns when she was in despair. I always wondered what hymns she sang; no one could recall.”

  • Building Community | ‘Encoded’ meaning, identity in Migiwa Orimo’s work

    Perhaps you’ve seen Yellow Springs-based artist Migiwa Orimo’s banners, created in collaboration with community activists: Visual representations of various social justice movements, screen printed in her studio through the Peoples Banner Project.

  • Film director Michael Schultz’s Yellow Springs connection

    Renowned film director Michael Schultz, known for iconic 1970s movies “Cooley High” and “Car Wash” and 1980s classics “Krush Groove” and “The Last Dragon,” once directed at the Antioch Area Theater’s summer festival in the ’60s. Arthur Lithgow offered Schultz the job.

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