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  • The birth of a doula movement

    There are those among us who have a direct, intimate, perhaps even sublime understanding of the process of bringing forth life, assisting mothers as they give birth. This is the role of a doula.

  • 2021 in Review | Legal & Law Enforcement

    Zyrian Atha-Arnett stood with his defense lawyer, Jon Paul Rion, during his sentencing Wednesday, July 21, in the 2019 stabbing death of Leonid “Lonya” Clark. Atha-Arnett pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter as part of a plea deal with the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office, and was sentenced to 15 years in prison for that and other charges. (Photo by Carol Simmons)

    In 2021, Zyrian Atha-Arnett, accused in the stabbing death of Leonid “Lonya” Clark was sentenced; Chief Brian Carlson resigned; the jail levy was voted down; more.

  • 2021 in Review | Planning Commission

    In 2021, the Village of Yellow Springs Planning Commission approved a site plan for Cresco Labs, the development of Dave Chappelle’s proposed comedy club, the construction of a new eatery/market, among other projects.

  • Village elders reflect on the Black experience, Pt. III

    This is the final article in a three-part series featuring African American elders who live in Yellow Springs.

  • Lawson Place purchase eases tenant worries

    On Nov. 29, Council approved a down payment for the building of $160,000 and authorized the financing of the purchase for up to an additional $800,000. The closing date will likely be after the new year.

  • Village elders reflect on the Black experience, Pt. II

    Villagers Paul Graham and Phillip Lawson spoke about their experiences growing up and living in integrated communities in Dayton and Yellow Springs.

  • Village elders reflect on the Black experience, Pt. I

    Longtime villagers Frances Smith and Geneva Brisbane reflected on their experiences with racism and segregation during the “Elders Speak” virtual event held last month. The event was sponsored by The 365 Project.

  • Village Council airs concerns over 2022 budget shortfalls

    A recent memo sent to Village Council members by Finance Director Matt Dillon lays out a 2022 budget scenario in which current revenue projections “do not support the Village’s current projections for [the 2022 fiscal year] general fund expenses.”

  • Planning Commission weighs downtown parking options

    On Tuesday, Oct. 12, Planning Commission created a list of recommendations for Village Council to consider regarding downtown parking by a unanimous vote of 5–0.

  • 2021 Election: Swinger and Moir contend for Miami Township Trustee seats

    Four Miami Township residents are looking for votes to fill two Township seats in the upcoming November election. Here, the News featured profiles of two of the three nonincumbent candidates, Denise Swinger and Marilan Moir.

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