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Last week, Coach Jimmy Chesire announced that the 2020 season of Perry League T-ball, which was to have run from June 5 to Aug. 7, would be canceled.

His full post from Facebook is here:

Hello all my t-ball friends,

I am sorry to say we must cancel our summer 2020 Perry League season. Our normal ten Friday night program, which would have been from Friday, June 5, to Friday, August 7, is cancelled because of the life-and-death threat of the corona virus. Social distancing will be needed to continue this summer. We can’t have t-ball if we need to be a least six feet away from everyone every t-ball night.

Besides social distancing there is the need for testing. Most experts says it is too dangerous to be gathering in groups now and that it will continue to be dangerous until there is reliable testing that can be done on everyone. With such tests we will know who has been and who is infected. And then we can isolate only them, those infected, allowing the rest of us who have tested negative to return to a “normal” life.

I am sorry. I wish we didn’t have to do this. But we must do what we can to be safe, to protect ourselves and our children. I think this is the right thing, the best thing, for us to do.

Jimmy Chesire

Perry League League Program Coordinator

May 14, 2020


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