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  • Village Council and Yellow Springs Development Corporation talk local economy

    This is the second article of two, the first of which appeared in the July 7 issue of the News and featured edited excerpts of a discussion by members of Village Council and YSDC at a June 29 joint meeting held in Council chambers.

  • Yellow Springs Development Co. awarded $100,00 energy grant

    Last month, the Yellow Springs Development Corporation, or YSDC, was awarded a $100,000 rural energy grant on behalf of Yellow Springs and Miami Township from the U.S. Department of Energy.

  • Yellow Springs Development Corporation prioritizes housing

    At the May YSDC meeting, the group discussed ways in which the Village could help meet the housing needs of employees of a planned Honda EV battery plant coming to the area.

  • Yellow Springs Development Corporation gains traction

    Since its establishment in 2020, the Yellow Springs Development Corporation, or YSDC, has had a clear mission: “Support, incentivize and attract economic development in Yellow Springs and Miami Township.”

  • YSDC considers reconfiguration

    At the Yellow Springs Development Corporation’s, or YSDC’s, regular meeting in October, YSDC President Corrie Van Ausdal proposed establishing a committee whose responsibility would be “to plan and present a future configuration for the YSDC.”

  • YS Development Corporation fetes ‘Action in Evaluation’

    The motion set forth and approved by members of The Yellow Springs Development Corporation, or YSDC, on Aug. 4 — for a sum of $1 — to contract with ARIA Group under the helm of Jay Rothman to “pilot a proposed collaborative visioning and planning methodology and to assess the methodology’s potential for the greater community.”

  • YSDC considers ARIA Group visioning

    The Yellow Springs Development Corporation, or YSDC, originally established as a quasi-government organization charged with improving economic development prospects for the village and the township, has been engaged in a months-long visioning process that will determine the future direction of the organization.

  • YSDC asked to consider rental housing

    In a presentation made at the YS Development Corporation’s July 5 meeting, villager Dirk Lackovich-Van Gorp asked the organization, amid a months-long process to determine the organization’s future direction, to consider affordable housing as it continues its deliberations.



  • A community vision by Yellow Springs Development Corporation

    The group’s recently elected president, Corrie Van Ausdal, suggested that the nonprofit widen, rather than narrow, its lens, with the goal of creating a shared community vision.

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