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Articles About environmental education

  • Project-based presenters

    LEFT: Third-grade teacher Peg Morgan, aka “Trevor, a Yellow Springs mushroom,” speaks with third-grade student-scientists Bryce Fleming and Kaitlyn Macduff about the importance of mushrooms to healthy soil. RIGHT: Fourth-grade students of Carrie Juergens performed an original rap as part of their proposal that Mills Lawn cafeteria eliminates plastic flatware in favor of metal. (Photos by Carol Simmons)

    Members of two Mills Lawn classes separately addressed the school board during its meeting Thursday, March 14.

  • New grants for Agraria —  Kids get the dirt on soil education

    Mills Lawn third-graders Emery Fodal and Wyatt Fagan counted soil invertebrates using Berlese Funnels at Agraria last spring. They also kept data on soil temperature levels over a four-week period at the farm. (Submitted photo by Peg Morgan)

    The architect and inventor Buckminster Fuller often used a metaphor to illustrate how small targeted actions can move massive systems. Fuller noted that the “trim tab,” a tiny mechanism of a ship’s rudder, can change the ship’s course with a minute movement. At the Agraria Center for Regenerative Agriculture, soil is seen as that “trim tab.”

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