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Articles About Leonid "Lonya" Clark

  • Not guilty plea entered in YS murder case

    In arraignment proceedings Thursday afternoon, Nov. 21, at the Greene County courthouse in Xenia, defense council for area resident Zyrian Atha-Arnett entered a plea of not guilty to two counts of murder and one count of felonious assault in the stabbing death earlier this year of local man Leonid “Lonya” Clark.

  • ‘A tear in the social fabric’— Beloved son, friend still missing

    Anyone who spends much time in downtown Yellow Springs knows Lonya Clark, called Leo by many of his friends. A once daily presence in the coffee shops and streets of town, the young man is known for greeting most everyone with a smile and friendly nod. But despite his growing up here, most people know only small pieces of who he is, how he spends his time and where he goes. And nobody seems to know where he’s been for close to three months now.