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Articles About Patterdale Hall Diaries

  • The Patterdale Hall Diaries | History repeating

    “This year I will be getting myself another knife; I have accepted that I have a knife habit. It is a fixed-blade all-rounder of a knife made by Helle of Norway, and it’s called ‘Sigmund,’ which is cute.”

  • The Patterdale Hall Diaries | Poetry in motion

    “Things fall apart, the center cannot hold. Burst pipes and a new sediment filter set me back $600. I hope I can maintain the house above freezing through February and early March, but we will have to see.”

  • The Patterdale Hall Diaries | Hunkering down in the Hall

    “I will head out to the Hall and get a fire going, then will travel back and forth to keep an eye on both Karen and the fire.”

  • The Patterdale Hall Diaries | Occupational hazards

    “This is why we bought Patterdale Hall, so we can exist in the now and enjoy every second of it.”

  • The Patterdale Hall Diaries | A record of note, for some

    Writing a diary can be extremely helpful to putting your thoughts in order. As things go down on the page you begin to realize what is important and what isn’t.

  • The Patterdale Hall Diaries | On hats and sticks

    We are teetering on the brink of fall. It is absolutely my favorite season in Ohio. Last year I discovered delicata squash, which changed my life. Goodness, they are delicious. This year, however, we haven’t planted any: they are exploding everywhere, and I reckon we have about 20, ranging from almost a foot long to about three inches.

  • The Patterdale Hall Diaries | Tempus fugit

    “As a professor I am on a nine-month academic salary, and while this means I don’t have a lot of money, it does mean I can spend May, June and July pottering about at the Hall.”

  • The Patterdale Hall Diaries | Mice and moles and shrews, oh my!

    “One lasting memory of my time at Oxford was watching a cricket match between the Bodleian librarians and some local captains of industry.”

  • The Patterdale Hall Diaries | Weathering a bomb cyclone

    “The winds hit about 11 p.m. just as I went to bed, and the temperature dropped from 40º F to -9º F, or -24º C, in the space of two hours.”

  • The Patterdale Hall Diaries | Getting busy, getting happy

    “I have to work just as hard, but I’m doing something I love, and on top of that, I have stuff to do. I’m getting busy. It’s a wonderful thing.”

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