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Articles About The Briar Patch

  • The Briar Patch | Love thy neighbor

    “I guess I took it for granted that both Richardsons would always be around. They greeted me when I arrived home for the first time wearing that yellow outfit.”

  • The Briar Patch | Seeing the Self Beyond Addiction

    “Through my own family experience, I know the throes of addiction can be a revolving door, a process that challenges even the saintliest of saint’s capacity to forgive.”

  • The Briar Patch | The Myth of Reproductive Agency

    “We stand on the precipice of a time in which the reproductive rights of millions of teenage girls and women hang in the balance in the shadow of a disintegrating medical system and toxic patriarchy.”

  • The Briar Patch | Venerating our Black girls

    “Black women in this community are not a monolith — there are plenty of us who had different experiences within the social framework of this community.”

  • The Briar Patch | Horses and synchronicity of spirit

    “These boundaries — fluid, but rigid at the same time — are hard to navigate in Yellow Springs, particularly as a Black woman.”

  • The Briar Patch — The architecture of community

    “Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that dwellings have meaning beyond an individual’s portfolio investment and can be designed in such a way as to protect people, transform and shift functions beyond a shelf life of 50 or 60 years.”

  • The Briar Patch— Zoning battles, a Mother’s Day story

    It is in the spirit of these Black mothers I say Happy Mother’s Day. Keep fighting the good fight for social justice and change.

  • The Briar Patch— Care for the caregivers

    Caregiving is an extended lesson in patience that lives well beyond the moment — and in many ways is the ultimate life lesson in companionship combined with perseverance.

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